Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

External Library Explorer

This sidebar tab allows you to load and filter materials, textures, backgrounds, environments, overlays and post processes from your local hard drive or network drive.

By default, the external library explorer points to the C: \ Program Files \ Lumiscaphe \ P3D 2021.1 X5\ Library directory where you will find samples of materials and environments for your use. This directory is organized into several sub-folders: Backgrounds , Environments , Materials , Overlays , Textures .


Each file format is filed away in its category, i.e. the material files are filed under the Material tab, etc.

From the explorer you can drag and drop elements such as backgrounds onto a product in a viewport. This background will automatically be associated with the active product. It will also be added to the already-existing library of backgrounds in the open P3D database. If you rename imported files in the explorer or import new files, the changes will be reflected in the P3D database's internal library for the modified resource.