Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Local Environment Properties

Local environment properties set the capture zone for a local environment.





Associate the environment with an existing product. Drag and drop the product onto this field.

Dynamically rebuild when configuration changes

Activate automatic updating for the local environment when changing configurations. This insures visual coherence in the reflections of geometries, colors and lighting in the scene when the displayed configuration is modified.


Set the origin point at which the local environment will be captured by providing the origin's XYZ coordinates.


Display and move the capture box

The capture box makes it easier to visualize the zones from which the local environment images are going to be captured. It can repositioned with the mouse.


Pick the capture origin

Set the origin point of the local environment capture in the viewport using the eyedropper. The X, Y, and Z values of the clicked point are automatically entered in the Position fields.


Refresh environment

Update the environment by recalculating the images captured by the local environment box.


Adjust the size of the capture box.


Block the resolution of the environment texture at a chosen resolution. Select the desired resolution from the list.

Exclude surfaces with tags

If the surfaces of an object around which an environment local is assigned have been tagged, they can be ignored by the local environment. Provide the tags of these surfaces here.

For more information on tags, see Tag Manager.