Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Kam File Type

If you have selected Kam File as your camera path, the scene will be animated according to an existing animation path, which might have been created, for example, by the export of a bookmark animation as a .kam file. The Kam Files options are displayed in the Camera Animations editor.

In the box File you have access to the tools to:




Import Kam File


Update Kam File


Export Kam Animation


Delete Kam Animation

In the Parameters zone, the Filename and the number of Frames are displayed for your information. In order to convert from a frame-based kam file to a real-time animation, you must provide the Frame rate here.

You can indicate whether the Fov, or Field of view, is expressed as a vertical or a horizontal value. You can also opt to Ignore Fov value supplied by the .kam file.