Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Operations on Pivots

The operations in the image576.png Pivot tab in the Shaper sidebar make it possible to move the pivot without modifying the position of the surface in the environment (the relative position of the surface to its pivot is thus modified in consequence).

The operations for translating the pivot are the following:

Translation option


Center on Surface

Centers the pivot on the surface.

Center on Selection

Centers the pivot on a group of surfaces.

Center to Selection Leader

Centers the pivot on the surface designated as the leader of the selection.

Center in World

Places the pivot point at the origin, at the intersection of the world axes.


Returns the pivot to its original position.

The orientation of the pivot can also be modified:

Orientation option


Align to World

Orients the pivot along the environment origin.


Returns the pivot to its original orientation.

The transformation function Reset Position Relative to Pivot moves the surface to the center it at the location of the pivot.

The other transformations that can be performed on the pivot (translation, rotation, constraints on axes, etc.) are the same as those that may be performed on the surfaces.