Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Render Settings

The optimization settings favor certain phenomenons or characteristics that are physically present in the scene in order to make the final convergence for these elements visible earlier during the rendering.

Caustic sampler: uses a sampling strategy to favor the calculation of caustics

Architecture sampler: allows earlier appearance of the light in interior spaces


New Features in Patchwork 3D 2021.1 X5

Enable Environment Material support allows you to view an environment material in the viewport of Matter.


For closed decors (such as a hemisphere) on which the material Environment is applied, matte material or Iray ground is not compatible with the above parameter. This parameter can be deactivated (unchecked) to instead show up the Iray environment that supports matte material and Iray ground.

A rendering difference may appear between Iray and OpenGL, that's why you can use the Use alternative texture parameter to prevent blurring when the HDR or EXR file applied to the background texture of the environment is in low resolution. Patchwork 3D will instead load an alternative non-HDR texture which results in an alteration of information related to the intensity of the light. You will find additional information related to the Environment material in the following chapter: Using an Alternate Background Texture as an Environment Material.


The best option to have a similar rendering between Iray and OpenGL is instead to use a high resolution wide dynamic range HDR as the environment texture and uncheck the Use the alternative texture parameter.

In the event that the Environment material is not used, Set the background mode to environment parameter is required to display the Iray environment. This is to apply the background mode Environment to the sensor in use. You will find additional information on how a sensor works in the following chapter: Sensors (Editor).