Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Sensors (Editor)

Available in: Matter:

  • Sidebar sensor library > New Sensor

  • Sidebar sensor library > Edit the Selected Sensor

  • Editors > Sensors

The interface is organized into two functional zones:

  • Operations toolbar and sensor name,

  • Sensor settings.

The operations toolbar contains the basic operators for sensors:




Drag the sensor that is currently being edited from this point and drop it onto a 3D viewport to use it.


Select the eyedropper, then click on a 3D viewport. This sets the sensor used in that viewport as the current active sensor and allows it to be edited.


Click on this button to create a new sensor.


Click on this button to duplicate the sensor currently being edited, whose settings are shown in the editor. The new sensor is activated as soon as it is created.

Text field

The text field indicates the name of the active sensor. Click in the text field to modify the sensor's name and validate your changes with the Enter key when you have finished.

Choose the projection type. By default, a sensor is created in perspective mode, but you can activate the isometric mode instead by ticking the Isometric projection checkbox. Isometric projections are used in industrial drafting: there is no perspective and the dimensions are not modified by the distance to the viewpoint. When the isometric mode is active, the options in the Aspect Ratio zone are grayed out. This zone contains settings that are not applicable to an isometric projection.

If you set up a camera in perspective mode, you can set the sensor size in the Aspect Ratio zone:

  • Aspect preset: Select an option from the drop-down list. You can choose from among common formats (such as 16:9) or select the option to define your own format. To the left, the Sensor size field displays the equivalent size in terms of a sensor of a physical camera (such as 36x24).

  • If you have chosen a custom ratio in the list of presets, provide the ratio you would like to use as a ratio in the Aspect ratio field or in camera sensor sizes in the Sensor size field. Some sensor sizes are preset for you; you can choose one of these in the Preset drop-down menu if you have chosen a preset aspect ratio.

Overlays, backgrounds, and post-processing effects are applied to the sensor. To apply an effect, drag it from its library in the Matter sidebar and drop it in the corresponding field in this editor. You can remove the application of an effect to a sensor by clicking on the Remove button beside the effect.