Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Cameras (Editor)

Available in: Matter or Shaper: Editors > Cameras

image124.pngCameras is an editor that contains two parts: the list of cameras that are available in your database, and the zone that displays the properties of the camera being edited.

The camera list is organized in a hierarchy composed of groups and cameras. Each group can contain both cameras and other groups. The elements in the hierarchy — cameras and groups of cameras — can be moved within the hierarchy by drag-and-drop.

You can select a camera from the camera list to edit or to activate in the current viewport.





Activate a camera

Click on a camera to recall its settings in the current viewport.


Edit current camera

Double-click on a camera from the list or click on the icon camera_hierarchy_edit_camera_1.png just below the camera list to view and edit the camera settings in the right part of the editor. In this mode, navigating in the viewport changes the camera settings.

eye_mini_3.png eye_mini_1.png

Show/Hide cameras


New Features in Patchwork 3D 2021.1 X5

Shows or hides cameras in the viewport of Matter or Shaper.

lock_mini_1.png lock_mini_3.png

Unlock/Lock the position of the cameras


New Features in Patchwork 3D 2021.1 X5

Unlock or lock the position of the cameras in the viewport.


By locking the position of one or more cameras you will no longer be able to change its parameters such as the Depth of field or the Motion blur.

Use the buttons below to manage the cameras in the hierarchy. You can.





Add a new camera

The camera is initialized using the settings in the current viewport.


Add a camera group


Rename a camera or a group of cameras


Duplicate a camera or a group of cameras


Delete a camera or a group of cameras

If you attempt to delete a camera currently assigned to a viewport, an alert will appear informing you of the camera's current use. If you confirm that you would like to delete the camera, the viewport will return to its free camera.


Import a camera or group of cameras in the KCH or KBE format

This option also allows you to generate cameras from a .kam file. See Generating cameras from a .kam file.


Export a camera or group of cameras in the KCH format


Enable or disable the Edit current camera mode

The camera currently being edited is marked with this icon camera_active.png in the Camera List. If no camera is marked with this icon, the viewport's free camera information is shown and can be edited on the right-hand side of the editor.


Update camera settings with the settings used in the active viewport





Assign selected camera as one of the product's favorite cameras

The selected camera is assigned to the favorite camera you select for the product in the active viewport. Cameras marked as favorites for the product in the active viewport are displayed in the Camera List with the icon camera_favorite_1.png .

A right-click on a camera or a group of cameras opens a context menu. In addition, to list the operations above, this menu has one more. You can assign the same sensor to your selection with image326.png Assign sensor parameter.

You can also assign a sensor to a multiple selection of cameras by dragging and dropping a sensor from the Sensor Library to the Cameras editor.


If you assign a sensor to a group of cameras, the sensor will be automatically applied recursively to all its cameras and subgroups.