Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Sun and Sky


The Patchwork 3D real-time sun cannot be used at the same time as the Iray sun and sky. If both lights are enabled simultaneously, only the sun and sky in Iray will be used.

Iray offers a simulation of the light of the sun and the sky.

When the Sun and sky option is enabled, a sun type illumination is added, an infinite plane is used as the ground, and an environment representing the sky is displayed.

The Multiplication value adjusts the environment's luminosity.

The sun settings include:

  • The solar disk intensity

  • The solar disk scale

  • The solar glow intensity

  • The sun's position, which can be set in the Position of the Real-time Sun editor

The sky settings include:

  • The night color

  • The haze level

  • The red- or blueshift. Positive values will produce a redshift, while negative values produce a blueshift.

The ground settings include:

  • The ground color

  • The horizon height

  • The horizon blur