Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Configuration Browser

Available in: Matter or Shaper: Editors > Configuration Browser

The Configuration Browser is for testing and exploring product derivatives. The Configuration Browser interface is updated automatically according to the configuration rules created: all symbols used in rules pertaining to the active product are gathered and displayed in it. The browser lists all available symbols for the product displayed in the active viewport.

The browser allows you to select which symbols among those available should be defined for rule evaluation. The selection is made either with checkboxes or from drop-down lists. All product derivatives may thus be explored.

In Shaper , the Configuration browser displays only the parameters of the geometry, illumination and position layers. Aspect and environment layers that have no application in Shaper , the associated parameters are hidden. If rules based on appearance, overlay or environment layers have been configured for your product, you will find the associated parameters as soon as you return to the interface Matter .

In Shaper and Matter, the Configuration Browser displays the configured Cameras in the Camera editor.