Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Layer Tab

Layers: List of aspect layers that have been created.

eye_mini_3.png : The visibility toggle button is for enabling/disabling visibility of the aspect layer. When the visibility button is disabled for a group of aspect layers, none of the layers in the group are visible, but layers keep their own state.

config_layer16x16_1.png : This icon indicates the active aspect layer.





Pick active aspect layer

Select the aspect layer associated with the material of the surface you click in the viewport.


New aspect layer

Create a new aspect layer in the list of layers.


Duplicate the selected item

Create a copy of the selected element: aspect layer (s) or group of aspect layers.


New group

Create a new group of aspect layers.


Merge Layer Selection

Combine the selected layers into a single layer.


Flatten all layers

Combine all layers into a single layer.


Delete aspect layer

Delete the selected layer.


Split layer by picked material

Assign a new aspect layer to the picked material.


Split layer by stickers

Assign a new aspect layer to the picked sticker.


Split layer by visibility

Create an aspect layer, skipping the surfaces hidden in Shaper. Only the surfaces that are visible will be taken into account. (Switch to Evaluate active layer only to enable this function.)


Explode layer selection by assignment

Partition products in layers that have common material assignments.


Explode layer selection by material

Divide an aspect layer by the number of materials constituting it. The names assigned by default to these new layers are those of the materials.


Import aspect layer

Import aspect layers from another product.


Flatten all layers in new product

Create a new product using all aspect layers.


Evaluate all layers in stack

View the product by taking all aspect layers into account.


Evaluate layers stack until active layer

View the product by taking into account the lowest level of aspect layers up through the active layer only. A red border around the viewport indicates that the view is restricted to a limited selection of layers.


Evaluate active layer only

View the active aspect layer only.


Highlight active layer assignments

Enable/disable highlighting of surfaces with a material in the active aspect layer.


Hide surfaces without assignment

Hide/show surfaces that have no material assigned to them.


Mask labels with materials

This button allows you to enable or disable the display of aspect layers containing labels on top of all layers containing materials in the list. When a list of aspect layers is displayed on a product, the layers are applied above those located under them in the list. Thus, when a layer containing a material is applied above a layer containing a label, the label should probably be hidden. However, you can choose to force the label to be visible on the material.

  • The icon image306.png indicates that labels are currently visible even if materials were applied above them. Clicking this icon disables label visibility.

  • The icon image307.png indicates that labels are currently hidden by materials applied above them. Clicking the icon makes labels visible.


Replace String

Rename a selection of layers and assign a prefix and/or suffix to them.

The Layer field is for renaming the active aspect layer.