Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5


All active lights in Shaper have an effect on the Iray rendering. You can override certain settings of these lights.

In the Iray settings editor, select a light to enable the setting override. When a light source uses Iray's settings instead of Patchwork 3D's, a check mark appears in the Iray settings editor next to the name of the light.

You can override:

  • The intensity

  • The use of intensity as radiant existence

For spot type lights, it is also possible to modify the exponent.

For area lights in the form of rectangles and cylinders, the option use as portal light is available. A portal designates a zone, defined in this case by the surface, that allows exterior light to reach and enclosed area. This option produces an effect only when the caustic sampler optimization is enabled.