Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Operations Toolbar

This toolbar located at the bottom of the Rendered Views History provides the tools to manage the views in the history.





Add rendered view

Saves the view in the active viewport to the history.


Export views

Allows the selected views to be exported by saving each view as a separate image file. When this button is clicked, it opens the Export images dialogue box.


Reload view bookmark

Repositions the camera in the active viewport to the position that was used to create the selected view.


Rename rendered view

Allows the view to be renamed. Each view must have a unique name. If the user enters a name that has already been assigned to another view in the history, the Rename rendered view function will add a number to the end of the duplicate name: Product (1).


Delete selected views

Deletes the selected views.

The Export images dialogue box shows a list of the selected views, the choice of the directory where the files will be saved, and the choice of file format to be generated.

Some of these operations are available in the context menu that is accessed by right-clicking on a view. The actions chosen from the context menu affect only one view at a time.

From the context menu, you can Export view, Reload view bookmark, Rename view or Delete view.