Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Standard Material

A Matter standard material allows you to simulate materials such as metal, wood, plastic, stone, paint, etc.

A standard material is designed to reproduce the characteristic behavior of a material immersed in a lighting environment. It is above all a visual simulation, in the field of perception.

The settings of a standard material are take into account the elements that define of the matter, i.e. the color and pattern, capacity to reflect or tint the environment, surface texture, transparency, and behavior during rendering by raytracing.

A standard material is broken down into a Diffuse coat, or layer, over which a Reflection layer is applied, each of which may be textured. The interaction between the two layers allows most materials to be simulated realistically.

The Matter module offers standard materials belonging to the following classes:

  • Diffuse only: The material has color, pattern, and texture attributes, but does not reflect the environment. The reflection settings are not available.

  • Diffuse and Reflection: The material has color, pattern, and texture attributes, and it reflects or tints the environment.

  • Transparent Filter, or reflection layer only: The color of the material serves as a transparent filter. The material can be textured and reflects or tints the environment. The diffuse settings are not available.