Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Preview Mode

When the Preview mode is selected, the following options can be enabled or disabled:



Interactive degradation

When enabled, this option pauses the calculation when the object is being manipulated in the Ctrl+right mouse button and middle mouse button operating modes.

Restrict to shadow integrity

When enabled, this option restricts the calculation of Preview illumination depending upon the selected shadow integrity mode.

Preview color

When enabled, the preview takes the light sources' colors into account. When disabled, the preview is shown in grayscale.

Preview bounded attenuation

When enabled, the attenuation gizmo indicates the full effect and falloff distances. The surface parts illuminated without light attenuation are displayed in red. The surface parts illuminated with light attenuation are displayed in pink.

The default shadowmap size provided in the application settings is used for the preview mode.