Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Channel Clip Library

Channels allow diverse elements of your Digital Aspect Mockup to be animated. Channels exist for.

  • Animated geometries set up in the Kinematics tab of the Shaper sidebar.

For freely transformable parts, six different channels control the animation of a part: the angles of rotation around the three axes (X, Y, and Z) and the distances of translation along the three axes (X, Y, and Z).

For rotating and translatable parts, a single channel controls the animation of the part: the angle around the rotation axis in the case of a rotation, or the distance along the vector in the case of a translation.

  • The intensity and color of the lighting layers,

  • Animated meshes,

  • Most modifiable options for any type of material,

  • Lighting environments,

  • Real-time sun settings,

  • Overlays,

  • Post-processing.

A material, environment, overlay, or post-processing effect must be used in the active product for its channels to be available for animation.

To add channel-based animations to a timeline, create channel animation clips in the Channel Animations image125.png library tab on the right of the Timeline editor. This tab is made up of a list of existing channel animation clips and buttons to create, duplicate, rename and delete clips.

From the list in this library tab, you can:

  • Add a channel animation clip to any Channel track by dragging it from the library and dropping it onto the track.

  • Modify an existing clip by double-clicking on its name in the list.

Use the buttons to manage the list:






Create a new channel animation clip. This will open the New Channel Selector window, where you can provide a name for the clip, select the channel or channels that will be animated in the clip, and select the desired type of control over the animation: Standard (basic, single-channel animation) or Advanced (custom, multi-channel animation).



Duplicate the selected channel animation clip.



Rename the selected channel animation clip.



Delete the selected channel animation clip.