Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Gradients (Editor)

Available in: Matter: Editors > Materials > image134.png in the Gradient zone

The editor Materials gives access to Gradients, an editor that allows you to create your own gradients or to modify pre-existing gradients in Patchwork 3D. These gradients are used to display a different color depending on the angle at which a surface is viewed.

This parameter is available for the following types of material:

  • Standard Material: Diffuse and Diffuse and Reflection types,

  • Multilayer material: Diffuse, Illumination and Flakes,

  • Stickers using the same types or layers as above.

You will find the same configuration of operations in the Gradients editor, namely operations to Create, Import, Save, or Delete a gradient, as in the other types of editor.


The new gradient created appears in the Gradient palette and is named by default gradient 0, gradient 1, etc. You can rename it directly in the input field relating thereto.






Delete a gradient from the palette



Load a gradient. The imported gradient is saved in the Gradients directory by default.



Save a gradient. The modifications are saved in the Gradients directory by default.

  • In the Gradient zone, slide one of the two squares under the Gradient banner head to modify the gradient, or enter a value directly in the Angle field.

  • Modify the color using the Color Chooser, accessible by clicking on the Color square.


To open the Color Chooser, click on one of the two squares of the Gradient banner head. The gradient created is displayed in the banner head. For more information on modifying colors, see Color Chooser.





Create a new gradient

Create your gradient directly using the Color Chooser, then click this button.



To assign a new gradient to an element in the palette, select the gradient you want to assign the new colors to, then click this button.

To modify a gradient of the Gradient Palette, select it and double-click on it. The gradient is displayed in the viewer.

The Position as Ramp Access Angle parameter allows you to specify a gradient angle.