Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5


In this tab, set the default behavior of this surface when lit.

By default, all surfaces created cast shadows and receive shadows unless these values are overridden for a given surface. This behavior can be modified by unchecking the boxes here.

Default lightmap format and size options are also available. The lightmap size is determined by Patchwork 3D based on the size of the surface.

The Factor option allows the calculated size to be increased or decreased. The values available are multiplicative values applied to the length and to the width of the lightmap. Consequently, a factor of 2 will double the length and the width of the lightmap, for a total size increase of four. A factor of 0.25 will divide the total lightmap size by four.

Increasing the size makes a lightmap more precise but requires more computational time and takes up more disk space. Maximum size for lightmaps is set in the application settings. However, you can impose a different limit for this surface in the Max size field.