Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5


A camera is a set of several elements:

  • a sensor: a set of information concerning the rendering that is applied when the camera is used for viewing. Its modifiable settings include:

    • Sensor size / Aspect ratio,

    • Type of render (post-process, overlays, backgrounds),

    • Type of projection : isometric/perspective ,

  • a lens: information linked to the position of the object viewed in relation to the camera:

    • Focal distance / Field of view angle (FOVX or FOVY),

    • Depth of field (aperture, focal point distance),

  • a camera position: the position and the orientation of the camera.

Cameras are used to prepare rendering by setting up a particular view of a product in a viewport. This view can then be saved, recalled, or used to create films and images.