Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Snapshot Menu

The Snapshot menu provides access to the functions that allow you to export the rendering in the active viewport as media content: videos, images, or 3D virtual reality objects or panoramas. It contains the following menu items:





Snapshot Image

Opens the Snapshot Images editor to access the settings and render a view of a product that will be saved as an image file. See: Snapshots (Editors).


Snapshot Video

Opens the Videos editor. This editor generates animations or sequences of images based on an initial point of view and a predefined animation. See: Snapshots (Editors).


Snapshot Panorama

Opens the Panoramas editor to modify the settings and generate a panoramic 360-degree video. See: Snapshots (Editors).


Snapshot VR Object

Opens the VR Objects editor to modify the settings and generate a VR object. See: Snapshots (Editors).


Snapshot Cubic VR Panorama

Opens the Cubic VR Panoramas editor to modify the settings and generate a cubic VR panorama. See: Snapshots (Editors).


Quick Snapshot

Creates snapshot of the current active viewport. The snapshot is generated by the editor that was most recently used, and the settings of the last snapshot rendered are applied. If no snapshot has been created before, the Snapshot Images editor and its default settings are used.


Show Info

Enables or disables the Show Info option in any of the snapshot editors. This option displays, along the bottom of the active viewport, a summary of the snapshot dimension settings.


Snapshot Batcher

Opens the Snapshot Batcher. Use this tool to group snapshots and render them as a batch at the time of your choosing. See: Snapshot Batcher.