Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Matter Graphical Interface

Matter is designed on the multi-document application model. It manages the simultaneous editing of several products. These products are accessible via tabs.

Matter Graphical Interface

The graphic interface of Matter is organized into three functional zones:

  • Menu/Toolbar: Visual regrouping of the various operations that are available according to the concepts handled.

  • Workspace: Region receiving the various views.

  • Sidebar: Organization of the tools in tabs.

    • Product tab: This tab is specialized for managing geometry and data. It also contains the product library.

    • Library tab: This tab groups together the libraries containing the visual elements used in developing a product. These elements can be edited and managed from their respective libraries.

The Library tab consists of seven libraries presented as sub-tabs: material, texture, environment, background , overlay, post-processing and sensor.

This is the core of Matter: it is here that the textures and materials are created.

  • Explorer tab: This tab allows you to explore external libraries and to import the materials, textures, backgrounds, environments, overlays, post-processing blends and sensors saved on your computer or in other locations external to the open P3D database.