Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Settings for a Lighting Layer

Select a lighting layer by clicking on it. The light sources in this layer are now shown in white in the viewport. They are also listed below in the Lighting Settings zone.

In addition to the lights contained in the layer, layers also contain additional settings that determine the aspect of their illumination. These settings are found in the Lighting Settings zone. They apply to all lights in the layer.

  • Exposure

  • Gamma

  • Lightmap format:

    • Color: To obtain shadow rendering that takes the lighting colors into account, choose the Color format.

    • Luminance (8 Bits): Use the Luminance (8 bits) format to obtain a relatively rapid rendering.

    • Luminance HQ (16 bits)

    • Luminance HDR (16 bits): The Luminance HDR (16 bits) lightmap texture format is designed for the shadow rendering of HDR images and manages light sources significantly more intense than the Luminance (8 bits) and Luminance HQ (16 bits) formats.

  • The configure_lighting_preview_mode_1.png lighting settings:

    • The resolution ot the textures to be produced,

    • The size of shadowmaps,

    • The choice to render the unlit surfaces using Environment-type lighting.