Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Configuration Keys Library


If you are working with a multi-product database, please note that configurations will apply to the first product in your product list only. If a different product is animated in the Product track, the configuration keys activated during that period will appear to have no effect.

Configurations set up in your database with the Configuration system can be animated on the Configuration track in any timeline.

To animate configurations, configuration keys need to be created in the Configuration Keys image265.png library tab on the right-hand side of the Timelines editor. This tab contains a list of existing configuration keys and buttons allowing you to create new ones and duplicate, rename, or delete the current ones.

From the list in this library tab, you can:

  • Add a configuration key to the Configuration track by dragging it from the library and dropping it onto the track.

  • Modify an existing key by double-clicking on its name in the list.

Use the buttons to manage the list:






Create a new configuration key. This will open the Configuration Key editor, where you can provide a name for the key and set the configuration it corresponds to.



Duplicate the selected configuration key.



Rename the selected configuration key.



Delete the selected configuration key.


If you do not have a configuration key or its colored influence zone at the beginning of your timeline range, the initial configuration will be adopted from the global configuration set in the Configuration Browser. During the playback, the Configuration Browser will be updated with the configuration changes imposed by the configuration keys.

This allows the initial configuration in your timeline to vary. Consequently, looped playback and configuration manipulations done in the Configuration Browser can be used to create variations in the playback at the beginning of your timeline.

If this is not the desired behavior, initialize your timeline with a configuration key placed at the beginning of the playback range. In the Configuration Key Editor, make sure that this configuration key imposes a value other than the default Keep previous value for each of the symbol selections.