Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5


Surface State properties:

  • Hidden,

  • Frozen.

Just like the layers, the surfaces can be frozen or hidden individually. Each surface has two boxes: the first encodes the visibility, the second the freezing. In order to be visible, a surface must belong to a visible layer. It is editable if it is not frozen and if the layer to which it belongs is not frozen either.

The Optimization properties:

  • Removal of the hidden faces (backface-culling),

Surfaces use global default settings of the model for the backface-culling (disabled by default). However, you can enable or disable this optimization for one or more surfaces by changing the Force to show backface or Force to hide default backface respectively.

  • Simplified display: drawing of the bounding box.

When the lattice structure of a surface comprises a high number of triangles and points, its display may become overloaded. You can simplify the representation of a surface in Shaper by enabling the Display as Box option: the surface is no longer represented by its lattice structure but by its bounding box.

Billboard properties:

  • None, Rotate Y, or Rotate XY