Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Iray server


The software Nvidia Iray Server is available from Nvidia.

The Iray server is any machine on your network on which the software Nvidia Iray Server is installed. You will need the IP address and the connection port for the server. You will also be asked to provide the ID and password.

A button is added to the snapshot editors: Add to queue. This sends a deferred render request to the Iray server. You will then need to manually run the rendering of the queue on the server. This can be done after the Patchwork 3D session has been closed and does not require either Patchwork 3D or access to the original computer that requested the render.

It is not possible to encode a video from the Iray server render queue. When a render request for a video is made, each frame will be rendered separately and the output will be made available as an archive file containing all frames.


The preparation for sending a of a video render request to the server may take a few moments. The Rendering window will open while the timeline is evaluated and each video frame is prepared.


For more information about Iray Server, see details in Iray documentation that came with the purchase of this product.