Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Channels (Editor)

Available in: Matter: Timelines > Channel Animation Clips library tab > double-click on a clip name

Timelines > Channel Animation tracks > double-click on a clip

Channels is an editor that allows you to set up and rename channel animation clips. The editor will open when you create a new channel animation clip or when you double-click on an existing clip in order to modify it.

Once open, the Channels editor will always show the information for the current active clip in the Timelines editor. To change the clip shown in the editor, select a different clip in the Timelines editor using one of the following methods:

  • Click on the name of a clip in the Channel Animation library tab,

  • Click on the representation of a channel animation clip in one of the Channel track,

  • Create a new channel animation clip using the button below the list of existing clips in the Channel Animation library tab. This will create a new clip and activate it. It will also open the New Channel Selector window, where you can provide a name for the clip, select the channel or channels that will be animated in the clip, and select the desired type of control over the animation: Standard (basic, single-channel animation) or Advanced (custom, multi-channel animation). Validating this choice will open the Channels editor.

The editor will display different controls depending on which configuration mode you have chosen.