Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Summary of Consumption

The Summary tab provides a global overview of the GPU consumption.

The consumption is organized by tab based on the type of Patchwork 3D resource. The label for each table shows the type of Patchwork 3D resource, followed by the total consumption for this type of resource. The unused Patchwork 3D resources that are still present in the database are not taken into account in the total consumption.

The following categories of resources are analyzed:

Type of resource


Additional information provided


Images and videos used as textures, including backgrounds

Resolution in pixels, color profile format


Resolution in pixels, lightmap format


Textures used as bumpmaps

Resolution in pixels


Resolution in pixels


Number of vertices, number of triangles

The summary presents the analysis results as a table:

  • Resource: the name of the Patchwork 3D resource,


    Environments created by Patchwork 3D to display specular reflections are listed under the name "Cube map."

  • Size: amount of GPU memory allocated,

  • Information,

  • Activation: This column is only present for textures and bumpmaps. A comment is displayed if the resource is inactive. A texture will be classified as inactive, for example, if it is used as a Color map in a material applied to a surface in the active viewport but for which the checkbox enabling use of a color map is not checked in the Materials editor.

Several operations to manage this information are available:

  • Click on a column header to sort by that column.

  • Double-click on an item to expand the list of elements using this resource.

  • Right-click, then choose Activate to select the element in the interface.


The Show only selected surfaces mode displays only the elements concerned by an operation. In Shaper, activate the mode Show only selected surfaces with the S key. When you choose the option Activate for a group of surfaces, they are displayed. The rest of the model is hidden. In Matter, when the Activate option opens the Materials editor, use the image382.png Only show active material button to display only the surfaces using this material.

A total consumption of GPU resources is indicated at the bottom of the editor. This total is the sum of the subtotals listed for each resource tab. The total consumption corresponds to the analyzed context only: if the analysis covers only the current viewport, other viewports are ignored. If the analysis covers all products in the database, other databases that might be open in another instance of Patchwork 3D and other sources of GPU consumption are not included.

From this tab you can image383.png Export the summary in CSV format.


The GPU memory consumption gauge, which is available in the render statistics, shows total GPU consumption, including consumption sources external to Patchwork 3D. By contrast, the summary of consumption only shows elements created directly or indirectly by a user in Patchwork 3D. Consequently, slight differences may exist between the totals reported by the two tools. See Render Statistics.


The GPU resource purge wipes the resources used for inactive viewports from the graphics card. This operation has no impact on the summary of consumption, which provides information regarding either the active viewport or all products in the database, regardless of their presence or absence in a viewport. For more information on this function, see Purging Unused GPU Resources.