Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Rule Tab

Configuration rules are created in the Rule tab.

The Rule tab has two boxes. In the Rules box appears the list of rules already defined.

The following functions are available:





New Simple Rule

This function opens the Simple Rules editor. In this dialog box, users create rules that have the following expression: (defined "symbol"). Simple rule creation is detailed in the section Creating Simple Rules.


New Complex Rule

This function is for creating a rule with the Complex Rules editor. Complex rules involve the function "defined" as well as the logical operators "and", "or", "not" and "xor". Complex rule creation is described in the section Creating Complex Rules. Information on complex rule syntax can be found in the chapter Rule Syntax.


Replace String

This function is for replacing the name of a symbol with a new string of text. It is particularly helpful for changing the prefixes ("partition.") of several "partition.value_n" symbols simultaneously. The name of the symbol will be replaced simultaneously in all of the rules where it is used, as well as in the Configuration Browser.


Delete Rule

This function is for deleting the rule selected in the list.

Rule expressions are entered directly inside the Expression box. The Insert Tool is for inserting a string corresponding to a simple rule for a defined symbol.

The Compiler Output box allows for checking rule syntax. If syntax problems are detected during rule validation, an error message is displayed in this box.

The second box in the Rule tab shows the properties for the selected rule.

It includes the Rule field which allows the selected rule in the list to be renamed.

image374.png Edit Rule Expression opens the Complex Rules editor for modifying rule expressions directly.

The Targets box indicates the target layer(s) of the selected rule.

When a geometry, aspect, position, overlay, or environment layer is defined as a target for a configuration rule, the icon image375.png is displayed next to that layer in the corresponding layer editor. Clicking on this icon selects the rule in the Configurations editor.