Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Assignment Tab

The Assignment tab is for configuring the mode of assignment of the aspect layers.




Set whether a material being assigned should be applied to the active aspect layer or to the layer to which the current visible material belongs.

Assign as

Sets the default assignment mode for the layer. This determines whether a material should be assigned by default as a material or as a sticker.


For an aspect layer dedicated to stickers, setting the default assignment mode to Sticker will prevent you from applying material types (matte, mirror) that cannot be used as stickers.

UV reset

Indicate whether the UVs should be reset to 0.0 (yes) or used as-is (no) during assignment.

Affectation mode

Choose whether to use the assignment mode Assign or the mode Replace.

The Reset to default button is used to restore the default parameters.