Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Kinematics Sidebar

The Kinematics image588.png tab in Shaper has two functions.

First, it allows a functional hierarchy of moving parts to be developed. Each movement is represented by a null object: a null, an axis of rotation, or a translation vector. Axes of rotation and translation vectors create a single type of movement: an axis of rotation is only animated in a rotation around its axis, and a translation vector is only animated along the direction it defines.

Secondly, the Kinematics tab also allows parts to be associated with groups of objects. During an animation, these objects move together following the movement of the part to which they are attached.

Because the kinematics system is a hierarchy, rather than a list, the parts being translated or rotated are linked to their parent and child parts. A right-click on an element in the hierarchy opens a context menu that offers the following options:

  • Delete part,

  • create_axis_1.pngInsert Axis Child,

  • create_null_1.pngInsert Null child part,

  • create_vector_1.pngInsert Vector child part.

Clicking on one of the creation options adds a new part to the kinematic hierarchical tree and selects this new part.

When a part is selected, the Part panel in the sidebar will show the options for editing the part’s properties. The rotation axis or the translation vector is also presented in the 3D viewport. They allow the animation to be manipulated manually. They are visible only when the Surfaces tab or the Kinematics tab is selected. The representations for null objects, rotation axes, and translation vectors each have their own Shaper colors. When they are selected, they behave like other Shaper objects such as surfaces: they are highlighted in white when selected, or in green when they are part of a selection but not the selection leader.