Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Color Tab

Color Management is responsible for many of the strong points in the render quality.

The Color Management Settings.

Color management profiles are a Shiftor technical tool in Patchwork 3D. They are responsible for many improvements in render quality. These improvements have made it possible for Patchwork 3D to make a considerable leap towards ultimate realism in rendering. The colorimetric profile defines the interpretation of the color values (RVB, CMYK or LAB) by matching them with measurable physical quantities (expressed in the space CIE XYZ or LAB). For the rendering and adjustment of materials displayed on the screen to be consistent with the colors and the shades of the real materials, it is essential to work in a defined colorimetric space. Patchwork 3D provides tools for defining, installing and managing the colorimetric profiles of the workspace, of imported images and of images produced by the software.