Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Introduction to Configurations

The product configuration system in Patchwork 3D is designed to offer the possibility of displaying product variants in real time. The configuration tools allow you to elaborate a complete product range. This range can then be used directly by our configuration exploration software programs, such as Patchwork Explorer and Web Render.

The configuration system requires the use of geometry, aspect, position, environment, illumination, or lighting color layers. A minimum level of knowledge is necessary to be able to manipulate and use the configuration features of Patchwork 3D to the best effect.

In order to obtain a configuration system, you will build geometry, illumination, lighting color, aspect, position, overlay, and environment layers and create combination rules by dividing a model into several layer groups, that is to say, by partitioning it. Product variants are combinations of these layers.