Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Configuration Keys (Editor)

Available in: Matter: Timelines > Configuration Keys library tab > double-click on a key name

Timelines > Configuration track > double-click on a key

Configuration Keys is an editor that allows you to set up and rename configuration keys used to change the configuration in an animation. The editor will open when you create a new configuration key or when you double-click on an existing key to modify it.

When creating or modifying a configuration key, the Configuration Key editor will open. Once open, it will always show the information for the current active key in the Timelines editor. To change the key shown in the editor, select a different key in the Timelines editor:

  • Click on the name of a key in the Configuration Key library tab,

  • Click on the representation of a configuration key in the Configuration track,

  • Create a new configuration key using the button below the list of existing keys in the Configuration Key library tab. This will create a new key and activate it.

In the text zone at the top of the Configuration Keys editor, provide a name for the configuration key or change the key’s current name. It is recommended that you give each key a different name.

In the Configuration zone, all of the configuration symbols are listed. Each symbol is paired with a drop-down menu of the possible values. Choose a value for each symbol.

You can choose to impose a new value for each of the symbols, or you can use the default value, Keep previous value, for certain symbols. As a general rule, it is best to impose a new value only for the symbol(s) that should be modified by the configuration key.

Choosing symbol values will determine the animation behavior when the playback reaches the activation point of the key in a timeline:

  • If you set a new value, the configuration will be modified.

  • If you leave the default Keep previous value for a symbol, the value of the symbol will not change during playback. Use Keep previous to create keys that can be used in multiple situations. This is particularly useful if you have configuration elements that are independent of one another.