Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Multilayer Materials

Multilayer materials allow you to combine effects which previously required the use of stickers. Thus you can easily create metallic and pearlescent paints, carbon fiber, varnished wood, perforated leather, etc., which can be assigned directly as a single material.

The technique to assign a multilayer material on a surface is identical to that of a single material.

Layers are created one after another in the upper part of the Materials editor.

When a layer is created, using the New Layer button, you have the choice of three different types: diffuse layer, specular layer, illumination layer, flakes layer.

The order of the layers is important: if a completely opaque layer is on top, it will mask all layers beneath it. You can move a layer in the list by clicking and dragging.

Each type of layer is represented by a different icon: a top-lit ball for a diffuse layer, a luminous ball for an illumination layer, and a mirror-finish ball for a reflective layer.