Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Type of illumination rendering

The render configuration settings apply to the entire illumination set-up. They take into account all of the lights and layers, and their properties, including visibility and activation.

In the Rendering zone, you can set the type of lighting:

Type of lighting



The Environment mode is the type of lighting established by default. In this mode, none of the existing light sources are taken into account. Sufficient light is assumed to be generated by the model's environment. The model is not affected by the illumination configuration.


The Lightmap mode allows you to apply calculated lighting on the model.


The Preview mode provides an interactive rendering of the shadow regions. This allows you to evaluate the placement and orientation of the light sources relative to the objects and camera viewpoint. Only the active lighting layer is visible in Preview mode.

The type of rendering that is chosen will also be applied in Matter, except in the case of Preview mode, which will be replaced with Environment in Matter.

Type-specific settings are available below the Type of lighting list for the chosen lighting type.