Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Loss of Network Connection

Patchwork 3D and the Patchwork Lightmap Render machines will automatically detect the loss of a network connection.

Patchwork 3D will redistribute the render calculations left to perform to the rendering machines that are still connected. Patchwork 3D will continue to attempt to reconnect with the rendering machines that were disconnected.

If no machines are connected, Patchwork 3D will continue to try to reconnect with the Patchwork Lightmap Render machines at regular intervals. During this time, the rendering is paused. You may choose to cancel the rendering at this point. You may either save or dismiss the results for the surfaces for which lighting has already been calculated.

A rendering machine that has lost its connection to Patchwork 3D becomes available on the network. It will accept the first session request that it receives from an instance of Patchwork 3D looking for a machine running Patchwork Lightmap Render.