Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Defining Triggers

The editor that sets up Live mode is composed of two main sections: the list of animations associated with a trigger, followed by the operations toolbar where the buttons are located.

The list of triggers contains all of the animations with a trigger. For each animation, the following information is displayed:




The name of the surface or Shaper object that acts as a trigger when clicked to start the animation.

Play Mode

The name of the playback mode. This mode defines what happens when a trigger is clicked again after the playback of an animation has been started.


The name of the channel clip or the timeline that will be played.

This list can be sorted. Click on the column header by which you want to sort the list.


You can double click on a trigger in the list to edit it.

The operations toolbar contains the following buttons:




Add a trigger.


Switch to Live mode in the main window.


Delete the selected triggered animation. This disassociates the trigger and the clip or timeline, and removes the animation from the list in this editor. The clip or timeline is not deleted from the database.

Creating a new triggered animation requires two steps: creating a trigger, then associating it with a clip or a timeline.


You must have created at least one clip or timeline in the Timelines editor.