Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5


A sticker is a material pattern that can be applied to a surface and oriented, similarly to a physical sticker.

The surfaces of Matter may receive an unlimited number of stickers. These stickers are used to position product graphical elements such as a logo, documentation, a mark, iconography, and so on, interactively on model surfaces.

Any standard, multilayer, seam or environment material can be applied in sticker mode. In fact, the sticker material is a standard material for which the sticker mode (Always use as a sticker) is imposed by default. In this mode, the textures defining the material are no longer repeated on the surface. The stickers are overlaid in successive coats according to their order of creation on the surface. This order can, however, be modified later in the Surface Properties Editor.

Successive layers of stickers.

Successive layers of stickers.

Furthermore, if the alpha coat of the diffuse texture is present, it defines the transparency zones of the sticker. A value of zero in the alpha coat encodes a transparent pixel.

Left: with alpha zones.
Right: without alpha zones (RGB only).

Left: with alpha zones. Right: without alpha zones (RGB only).