Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Materials (Editor)

Available in: Matter: Editors > Materials (F5)

Materials image138.png is an editor that provides access to the parameters of the active material.

The interface is organized into two functional zones:

  • Operations bar and material name.

  • Settings for a given type of material, usually organized in tabs, followed by global options applied to all tabs. You can find more information on the options specific to each type of material in the corresponding sections.

The operations bar provides access to basic material operations:





Drag-and-drop start point

Drag the material being edited from this point and drop it on a surface in a 3D viewport to assign it.


Selection eyedropper

Select the eyedropper, then click on a material assigned to a surface in a 3D viewport. This will make the selected material active and allows it to be edited.


Solo Material

The Solo Material mode hides all surfaces except the ones to which the current material is assigned. This visualization mode applies in all of the open viewports. This button both enables and disables the Solo Material mode.


Select all the surfaces

Click on this button to select in Shaper all the surfaces that have the same material.


Create a new material

Click on this button to open the window to choose a type of material. When you validate your choice, a new material of that type will be created.


Duplicate the material

Click on this button to duplicate the active material whose settings are shown in the editor. The new material is made active when it is created.


Convert to multilayer material

Convert the selected material(s) into equivalent multilayer materials.

Text field

Name of the material

The text field shows the name of the active material. Tho change it, click within the text field and use the Enter key to validate your changes once you have finished.

The specific settings for each material class make up the rest of this editor. They are described in the chapter Materials.