Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Creating Snapshot Using Remote Raytracing Engine

Patchwork 3D allows you to configure and use remote CPU from units (cluster) to generate a snapshot with raytracing rendering engine.

Raytracing cluster unit 2021.1 X5 release 1 step by step setup guide
  1. Install Patchwork 3D Raytracing cluster unit 2021.1 X5 release 1 application on each remote unit (PC).

  2. Click Next when Raytracing cluster unit application pops up.

  3. Check to accept the license agreements.

  4. Click on Next.

  5. In the next window you can choose to install the application in a different location.

  6. Click on Install.

  7. Click on Finish.

  8. Start the application by double clicking on the shortcut desktop icon.

  9. Accept Windows Firewall warning by clicking on Allow access button.

  10. The software will open a port to communicate with remote units.

  11. Start Patchwork 3D on main PC and load a p3d database.


If you restart Windows on one of rendering unit calculating remote raytracing, you have to relaunch Raytracing cluster unit application. You can add it to Windows startup programs.

  • For Windows 8 & 10 users: Copy-paste the Raytracing cluster unit shortcut located on Windows desktop in this following folder: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

  • For Windows 7: Drag and drop the application to the following location Start > All Programs > Startup

Cluster configuration in Patchwork 3D
  1. On the main PC, in the Editor toolbar (at the bottom left) of Patchwork 3D Design, click on this icon image144.png to configure the raytracing.

  2. Click on the Remote tab

  3. Check Use remote raytracing

  4. Click on the image883.png button to add unit using its IP address (use copy/paste to set IP address faster).

  5. Click OK to add a unit.

You can also use this icon camera_hierarchy_import_1.png to import a list of units using a text file.

Syntax is:

// ignore this IP address.

Use the icon image912.png to remove the unit from the cluster.

Creating Snapshot

In the Snapshot menu, select Snapshot image, in the Renderering Engine select the Raytracing radio button as rendering engine.

Patchwork informs the user once the image is calculated. It takes times first to upload the data to all the render units. Progress bar shows how the cluster is working.

For more information, see Raytracing Settings (Editor)