Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Product Properties (Editor)

Available in: Matter: Editors > Advanced > Product Properties (F8)

Product Properties is an advanced editor used to override surface property settings from Shaper when viewing the product.

The product name displayed at the top of the editor indicates which product is being edited. The product name can be modified from this field.



Has its own surface visibility

When this option is checked, surface visibility states in Shaper are ignored. This enables you to hide a surface in Shaper, but still view the surface in Matter, allowing you to work on your model simultaneously in Shaper and in Matter.


When this option is enabled, a surface may also be hidden in Matter but visible in Shaper. Set the visibility of a surface in Matter by right-clicking on it and selecting Visibility to change its state.


New Features in Patchwork 3D 2021.1 X5

Baked lightmaps reach their limits when certain objects casting shadows are animated, or may appear or disappear according to the configuration. We implemented SSAO to break through these limits in addition to lightmaps.

The SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) measures the amount of ambient light that is blocked by surrounding objects. If a surface is obscured by another object, less light will come to it and it will be darker. The SSAO, therefore, measures the obstruction or occlusion of indirect light on an object in order to reduce its amount of ambient light. Usually, corners, cavities, or edges of objects are geometries with a lot of ambient occlusions.

More exactly the SSAO approximates the ambient occlusion using the Z-Buffer, it evaluates the depth of the pixels around an area and then applies the occlusion to these pixels according to the samples taken from the surrounding area.

Depending on the approximation of the ambient occlusion you wish to make, enter a value for the Radius, number of Steps, and the Bias.

  • The Radius is adjusted according to the area to be evaluated.

  • The number of Steps is adjusted according to the proximity of the blackout object. A large number of steps results in a better quality of the SSAO but has an impact on performance.

  • The Bias is an arbitrary parameter allowing to adjust the result of the SSAO.


Product without SSAO on the left and with SSAO on the right.


You also have the possibility to add to the SSAO, the rendering of lightmaps by checking the dedicated box.