Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Product Library

For this library, organization by model is mandatory. Models are created in Shaper . The Create and Duplicate operations for models are not available in Matter.

Some product thumbnails may appear with an image636.png icon. This indicator means that the image shown in the thumbnail no longer corresponds to the current representation of the product. The thumbnail will be recalculated and the indicator will disappear the next time you finish editing the product. Thumbnail images are updated either at the time the file is saved, or as a background task in order to maintain the smoothness of movement needed for correct functioning of the Matter module.


Patchwork 3D allows you to memorize 4 favorite cameras per product. If favorite camera 1 is defined, it is then used as the viewpoint for calculating the thumbnail. Otherwise, the thumbnail will be calculated when you close the last viewport or viewport tab in which the product was active, using the camera viewpoint from that viewport.