Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Position Layers (Editor)

Available in: Shaper or Matter > Editors > Position layers

Position Layers is an editor used to create layers in which the position of Shaper objects can vary. Position layers can then be used by the configuration system to create variants of models or products in which the position of certain objects is modified.

The Position Layers editor consists of a Layer tab in which there is a list of existing position layers. The position layer named Base layer is present by default.

Each position layer in this list has a visibility toggle button for enabling and disabling visibility. The symbol eye_mini_3.png indicates which position layer is visible. When a layer is hidden, the symbol eye_mini_1.png is displayed. The active16x16_1.png icon indicates the active position layer. In order to make a position layer active, click within the check-mark column beside the layer you want to make active.

The following operations can be performed on position layers:





Pick Active Position Layer Mode

This command is for selecting the position layer associated with the position of the clicked surface from the viewport.


New Position Layer

A new position layer is created and added to the list of layers.


Duplicate Position Layer

This command creates a copy of the selected position layer. The base layer cannot be duplicated.


Merge Layer Selection

This command merges selected position layers.


Delete Position Layer

The selected position layer is deleted. The base layer cannot be deleted.


Evaluate all layers in stack

This command displays the product taking all position layers in the list into account.


Evaluate Layer Stack Until Active Layer

This command displays the product taking into account the selected position layer and the layers lower in the hierarchy only. A red border around the viewport indicates that the view is displayed with a restricted list of position layers.


Evaluate Active Layer Only

This command is for restricting the visibility of the position layers to the selected layer.


Highlight active layer assignments

This command enables/disables highlighting of surfaces that have an assignment in the active position layer.


Hide Surfaces Without Assignments

This command enables/disables the displaying of the surfaces without an assignment.

The Layer field of the Layer box at the bottom of the editor is for renaming selected position layers. It should be noted that the Base Layer cannot be renamed.