Patchwork 3D Enterprise 2021.1 X5

Main Toolbar

The main toolbar contains two buttons to display the selected or visible surfaces, as well as six background texture options to make it visually easier to understand the unfold procedure that has taken place.

image194.png : The Display selected surfaces button adds all selected surfaces in Shaper.

image195.png: The Display all visible surfaces button adds all visible surfaces in Shaper.

image196.png image197.png image198.png image199.png image200.png image201.png : The texture options change the background and surface texture for the selected unfolded surfaces.


image196.png : Checker


image197.png : Grid


image198.png : Frame


image199.png : Letters


image200.png : Rules

All combined

image196.png + image197.png + image198.png + image199.png + image200.png

image201.png: The User-defined texture toggle is for enabling/disabling the background texture of your choice.

User-Defined texture

image201.png: User-Defined

The procedure for loading a texture file of your choice is explained below in the User Texture subsection of the Surfaces section.